We’ll talk on Monday

Oy… I meant to post a bunch of stuff today. I put up some new designs in the Gamers’ Heaven cafepress shop, finished a book to review, wanted to chat a bit about a 48-hour reading marathon coming up in June (and some friends who will most likely be guest-posting here as a part of that)… lots of stuff like that. I also wanted to do more agave nectar-baking today, although I think that’ll have to wait until Sunday.

Anyway, at least I did get some gardening done, and I’ll post a slideshow of the latest pics at the bottom. I’m also going to see Ironman tonight—usually I try to avoid opening weekend, but it’s one of those ‘meet up with a bunch of friends’ things. It’s also at 11 pm, which is rather late for me. And tomorrow there’s a friend’s retirement picnic…

But I’m babbling, so I’ll just post those pics and go. Have a great weekend!



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3 comments on “We’ll talk on Monday
  1. I hope you enjoy Ironman! I want to see that one too. I don’t know if we’ll go this weekend, but maybe. I spent the day running errands and cleaning house. I love the feeling of having a clean house. 🙂 Have a good weekend!

  2. Shelly says:

    Never saw a double-iris before! Beautiful!

  3. heather says:

    Feline: I loved Ironman! It was pure fun. Sure, there was stuff that was highly glossed over, but that’s almost part of the superhero genre at this point. I wish I had an easier time cleaning house… between eczema (my skin dries and cracks on contact with even the mildest chemicals) and tendonitis, I don’t get nearly as much of it done as I’d like!

    Shelly: For some reason a lot of our irises this year put out two blooms right next to each other. It’s rather neat!

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