What your readers feel

This morning I stumbled across Eudaemonia’s post on Bell’s plot & structure book (it’s a great book, and I highly recommend it!). Anyway, Lisa shared two exercises from the book and her results:

“Set aside ten minutes of undisturbed writing time. For those ten minutes, write a free-form response to the following: When readers read my novels, I want them to feel _________________________________ at the end.”


The idea is to pull some of your favorite novels off the shelf and then analyze them by asking a series of questions. …
The questions about each book are: “What is it about the lead character that captures you? What is it the lead is trying to get away from? When did the story kick into “high gear”? What was the main opposition to the lead’s objective? How did the ending make you feel? Why did it work?” pg. 21.

Read through her entire post, and then do the exercises for yourself.

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