Tell their story

Visit this page and, for the moment, simply look at the photograph without reading the text. (Just in case you read this entry sometime months from now and the picture is gone, it’s an old black-and-white photo of young men in suits marching down a road carrying signs that read ‘WE WANT BEER’.)

Now, you have two options.

1. Read the hysterically funny ‘explanation’ stumbleupon user kish-me concocted for the photo. Then go out and find your own photo of who-knows-what and write your own creative tale to go with it. You don’t have to emulate kish’s style; do anything you want!

2. Before reading the explanation for the photo, write your own. When you’re done you can read kish-me’s hilarious creation.

The stories we can come up with when inspired by an innocuous image can be touching, hilarious, moving… anything at all. Let your imagination run wild.

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