Character Portraiture

One of my favorite resources for fleshing out a character (for both writing & roleplaying) is the vast wealth of portraiture found online. I created a DeviantArt account largely so that I could start collecting DA character portraiture in a convenient place. It occurred to me this morning that I should link to that collection so that anyone who comes across this might use it as well. So here you are: the ever-expanding collection of character images. Here’s one of my favorites:

– She’s Not Breathing – by =Anathematixs on deviantART

My collection-so-far includes everything from casual contemporary photos to elegant fantasy art. Enjoy! You’ll also find other handy categories in my faves such as ‘plots’ (for images that I think could inspire fascinating plots).


We have two new book reviews up since the last post. One is of a contemporary adventure/romance: Lora Leigh’s Nauti Dreams, while the other is a fantasy/romance: Jean Johnson’s The Cat.

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