Maggie Again

I have a second review up for today: John D. Husband’s incredible Maggie Again.

I also have some new pictures. (Speaking of which, I finally ordered a good-sized memory card for my camera! I won’t run out of room after 17 pictures any more!) Some you won’t see yet; they’re from the cookbooks I’ll be reviewing soon. One is of a cheesecake that came out surprisingly poorly. There are also some new cat photos up at the ErrantCats collection. Finally, here are a few pics from the garden today:



The medusa pepper plants are a bit stunted, but some of them are putting out chilies, although they aren’t ripe yet. The tomato plants got somewhat blighted, but we’re definitely getting clusters of green tomatoes. The particular ones pictured should end up being yellow pear tomatoes.

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2 comments on “Maggie Again
  1. Tara says:

    Wasn’t Maggie Again a unique read? Your garden looks great!

  2. heather says:

    Tara: I absolutely loved it—it was magical!

    Thank you! I sprayed the plants with some blossom set spray earlier this week and now we have a whole bunch more baby tomatoes coming along. 🙂

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