The Murlocs Are Coming!

“So the murlocs are after us for improper hazmat disposal?”

This was, in fact, a quote from our D&D game yesterday. (3.5, in case anyone was wondering.) Of course they weren’t actual murlocs; those are from World of Warcraft. But when you have a bunch of Warcraft players as your D&D buddies, and the GM just couldn’t resist making those murglgrglgrgl noises when deploying the Sahuagin minis (I’m looking at you, dear husband!), well… you end up calling them murlocs, even if you’ve all been playing D&D for a lot longer than you’ve been playing Warcraft.

And as for improper hazmat disposal… well, it’s one of those long stories, involving the exploration of a city that had been sunk beneath the waves almost 500 years earlier, and the magics that were loosed at the time, and the sea critters that were still pissed over the whole thing. Not our fault. Really!


But anyway, I have some reviews since the last time I posted links:

  • First Blood is a paranormal erotic romance anthology by four authors, and it’s quite good.
  • Private Places is a historical erotic romance antho by another four authors. It isn’t quite as good as First Blood, but it’s still definitely worth reading. Besides—it’s got a story by Shiloh Walker in it!
  • Sea Fever is the devastating sequel to Virginia Kantra’s equally amazing Sea Witch.


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One comment on “The Murlocs Are Coming!
  1. Aaron says:

    Speaking of hazmat, do you think you might get Fallout 3? I’ve never played a Fallout game, but it looks pretty cool from the E3 presentation.

    If you haven’t been reading E3 news, Microsoft’s doing a lot this year to make the 360 more appealing. My sisters were planning on buying Wiis, but they’re planning on 360s after I emailed them about the conference news. Now if only I could get my brother to actually use the one he owns and game with me. =/

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