Whatever Happened to Lady Jaye?

I was pretty young when I watched the G.I. Joe animated series as a child, but it was one of my favorite shows. So I couldn’t help taking notice—and poking around with a bit of trepidation and excitement—when I heard a G.I. Joe movie was coming. The photos look cool, and hey, it’s got Christopher Eccleston and Arnold Vosloo in it! I eagerly scanned the cast list to see who might be playing my favorite character.

But… wait… no sign of her.

I get why they’ve included Scarlett and Cover Girl as the requisite good-guy females. Really I do. They’re sexy. They’re comparatively girly. Lady Jaye didn’t wear any kind of cat-suit, didn’t have long hair. She isn’t the one the guys are going to drool over, and let’s face it, the movie folks are assuming (for the most part, rightly so) that their audience is made up of guys who want to see explosions, bad-ass combat scenes, and sexy chicks. So if you can only include a limited number of female characters, then you include the sexy ones.

But dammit, she was the character I wanted to be when I watched that show. She was a bad-ass chick who could save her own butt, and that was awesome (particularly back then). One of the things I immediately looked forward to when thinking about the new movie was seeing her re-made… but well, maybe I should count my blessings. After all, I’d rather have her not included at all than re-made as some sort of sex-pot, which is one of the other possibilities.

Still. Sigh… I’ll absolutely go see the movie anyway, but I can’t help being very disappointed.


In T-shirt-designing news, we have a new design. This one is both an MMO design, and a grammar geek design:


It’s one of those designs that’s really simple, but really versatile. The original concept had to do with the ‘meaning’ of the blue question mark in various MMOs: the repeatable quest. After all, there are so many delightful implications stemming from the idea of having a repeatable quest for the folks around you, particularly when you consider that most repeatable quests have to do with grinding faction. πŸ˜‰

Then there’s the straightforward grammar geek interpretation of the question mark as punctuation.

And finally, there’s the simple aim of confusing everyone who looks at your shirt and says, ‘huh?’

I guess you could say it has something for everyone. πŸ™‚


And finally, today’s review just in time to still call it ‘today’s’: Linda Greenlaw’s Fisherman’s Bend.

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4 comments on “Whatever Happened to Lady Jaye?
  1. Lady Jaye was in the 2007 G.I.Joe fan film:


    I’m sure the movie they are making won’t be nearly as disappointing πŸ˜‰

  2. heather says:

    I never even heard of the fan film. Sounds like that might have been for a good reason. πŸ™‚

  3. starscream says:

    i dont know what guys your talking about , me and everyguy i knew and know (who watched gi joe)all thought and still think that lady jaye is the sexiest character on gi jo. she was by far the most feminine, even with her short hair and baggy cloths.
    although she was shown in “lady like clothing” (and i use the term loosely) a few times in the show. (hell she even lsot her pants in one episode lol.

    there are countless reasons why she should have had a major role in the movie. she was more popular then cover girl and equally as popular as scarlet (some would say more).if you asked anyone to name a female gi joe character back in the day they would either say baroness or lady jaye.
    im really upset that she’s not gonna be in the movie. im also annoyed that shipwreck is not in the movie.

  4. Paul says:

    Here’s hoping that the second movie will be better than the first, with or without Lady Jaye. Here’s the image from the episode “The Traitor Part 2” that some of us remember. Um, no further comment. http://www.joeheadquarters.com/images/traitor29.jpg

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