And the world keeps spinning

Okay, a bunch of things today.

1. After reading an entertaining texturizing tutorial, I started seeing textures in everything around me and couldn’t help taking photos galore. So if you’re looking for some free stock textures available for unrestricted use, I’ve made a bunch available through my DeviantArt account. More to come, I’m sure. Please do show me if you use them for anything cool!

2. The wii is freaking awesome. A couple of great friends of ours (the ones whose wii we tried in the first place, thus getting hooked) found a wii and called us to ask if we wanted them to grab it for us. Boy howdy! (Isn’t it good to have friends?!) We got it home late Sunday night, hooked it up last night, and promptly got hooked on doubles tennis. It’s amazing how much of a sweat you can work up playing a video game.

3. I’m pathetic. Today I tried out the wii sports fitness test, which gives you your ‘fitness age.’ Dare I admit that my fitness age is twice my physical age? I think I just did. *hangs head in shame*

4. We gave in and ordered a Little White Thing You Stand On (aka wii fit) through ebay. It should arrive tomorrow. This is where I have to admit that it was actually the parody ad that made me want the dang thing:

5. Today’s review is of the Reader’s Digest New Complete Guide to Sewing. It’s fantastic.

6. I seem to have suddenly re-discovered my old love of crafts, and went and bought some beading books. More cool stuff to review!

7. More book reviews soon!

So, my life is about as full as it can possibly get, but in a good way. What’s keeping you revved up?

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4 comments on “And the world keeps spinning
  1. Trish says:

    I’ve heard that wii fit will kick your butt! I’ve been really lazy about working out recently so I’m sure my phsyical age is not so hot either. I bet with time, though, you’ll get the hang of it! Come on…all the kids are doing it! 🙂

  2. Cian says:

    We have new beading books too. We should have a party. 😀

  3. heather says:

    Trish: It certainly can and will! I’ll have to review the thing sometime soon. 😉

    Cian: Any excuse for a party! lol. So has Cathy discovered Fire Mountain Gems yet? Every time I see people recommending their favorite bead stores, that’s the place that most consistently gets mentioned. If you buy in bulk and take advantage of their all-assortable discount pricing it’s definitely one of the least expensive sources I’ve found.

  4. texure says:

    thanks for the texture tutorial link! never found that one on deviant art !

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