I’m a magpie

At least, I have a magpie’s fascination with shiny objects. I don’t actually wear much jewelry at all; I’m a jeans and t-shirts gal. But that doesn’t mean I don’t drool over shiny things. So, it seems I’ve taken to beading rather naturally.

When I was a kid I loved little artsy-craftsy kits. But I also have a practical streak a mile wide, and didn’t have the patience for the kind of things they put out for kids—you know, crafts that come out looking big, blocky, and useless. The kind of things you give to your relatives at the holidays, and they smile with that fake, plastered-on smile that you reserve for ugly things your family gives you that you’ll never use but have to pretend to like anyway.

So, I stopped doing crafts. I picked up sewing briefly in the 90s, but tendonitis scrapped that and I stopped again.

Then I saw one friend of mine sewing beads onto trim for garb-making several weeks in a row, and another friend of mine happened to mention having a catalog for Fire Mountain Gems. The lure of potential shiny objects sent me to the website, and I was a goner.

Ever thought about doing something, and just KNEW it was the right thing to do? That’s how I felt when I looked at beading. It never even entered my mind that I’d make cruddy stuff or no one would want it—it just felt right. So I picked up a bunch of materials and set to work. I posted photos at DeviantArt. I’m thinking of opening an Etsy shop (just at a hobby level for the moment), but haven’t yet, and someone already asked if they could buy one of my pieces. I posted some photos for critique at Craftster and several people said they didn’t look like beginner pieces—they looked pro.

Yeah, I’m bragging. I’m really proud of that last bit. It’s slowed down my reviewing a little, but I AM still reading books for review, and making anywhere from one to eight pieces of jewelry at a time (24 done so far!). Who knows—it might or might not turn into a business later down the road, but right now it’s incredibly fun.

Not to mention shiny!

Seafoam by ~ErrantDreams on deviantART


Book reviews posted since my last entry: Easy Beading from BeadStyle magazine; Ace is Wild by Penny McCall; Jinx by Jennifer Estep; and Into the Shadow by Christina Dodd.

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4 comments on “I’m a magpie
  1. ScottM says:

    That’s beautiful work! Glad you’ve found another fun thing to enjoy.

  2. heather says:

    Scott: Thank you! I’ve always wished I was good at the arts—I think I was just trying the wrong kind of arts. I have no talent for sketching or painting. But jewelry-making? I got some of that. 😉

  3. Barbara says:

    ooooooo Garb? SCA? LaRP? Inquiring minds want to know!

    ooooo Bookmark! I really do like the pewter bookmarks, especially for paperbacks. I can grip the book just knowing everything’s staying in place.

  4. heather says:

    Barbara: Hi! A bunch of our friends have participated in the Society for Creative Anachronism for years, and we’re just starting to get involved. One of those friends often beads the trim she uses on her period clothing, and the results are just lovely!

    I really must make more bookmarks; I love them too. There are just so many things that leave me going, “oooh, I should make that next… and that… and that…” and well, then there’s the issue of not being able to afford TOO many supplies until I get the chance to start selling some of the things I’ve made already. 😉

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