“Our floor is awfully popular”

I believe I mentioned that whole thing where I posted a bunch of texture images on DeviantArt. Well, hands down so far the most popular one is the hardwood floor texture, which has been downloaded 37 times in the past day and a half. This led to a wry observation on how popular our floor was.

I turned our slate porch surface into an interesting ‘window’ image, which I’m pretty proud of. I’m also playing with part of it to create an eventual banner for a possible craft-selling etsy store. Yeah, fine, that’s more than a little premature, but once I get an idea into my head I just can’t let go. And besides, I think it looks pretty cool!

Decaying Window by ~ErrantDreams on deviantART


Here are the latest book reviews for you: Vicki Lewis Thompson’s Wild & Hexy and the awesome Jean Johnson’s The Storm.


The Little White Thing You Stand On (oops… I mean Wii Fit…) is WAY too much fun. We’re contemplating dropping our gym memberships, although we’ll wait to make sure that in the long run (say, a month from now) we still feel we’re getting an adequate workout with this. If that works out, it means the Wii and Wii Fit will have more than paid for themselves.

The aerobics stuff, like the running, is definitely enough to work up a good sweat and leave you out of breath. The strength training is surprisingly effective—it uses core conditioning techniques to pit you against your own body mass so you don’t need machines. The yoga stretches and balance exercises, of course, work perfectly with the balance board. Someday I hope they come up with a balance mat version that’ll allow a wider array of activities, but I think this works surprisingly well for now. There are quite a few benefits to working out with this thing, as silly as it may seem at first:

  • The ‘game’ format keeps things fun, challenging, and entertaining, not to mention less chore-like.
  • Since you can do this in your home, you can fit your workout easily in around chores, work hours, dinner, etc.
  • I find it easier to work out when I have the most physical energy and motivation—which for me is usually late morning. That’s a horrid time to exercise outside where I am, as I don’t deal well with heat & humidity, both of which are pretty nasty here. It’s also a time when I can’t get to the gym.
  • The workout pieces seem awfully short at first, but you swiftly ‘unlock’ extra reps and such, quickly building up to a level you’re comfortable with.
  • The board and program are surprisingly good at noting how you’re doing by measuring how shaky, steady, etc. you are.
  • Presumably they’ll be able to put out additional disks later with additional exercises on them—and there are already plenty to begin with.
  • The tracking and charting functions are so well-integrated that you hardly have to do a thing. It measures & tracks your weight, BMI, and exercise levels for you. No more having to remember to write that stuff down.
  • Because there are some easier exercises in there, such as one or two of the yoga poses and some of the balance exercises, I can imagine continuing to get exercises even on days when I’m tired, sick, sore, etc. That means fewer breaks in the routine of working out, which means I’m more likely to keep it up as a habit.

All in all, as silly as the concept seems, the execution is brilliant.

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6 comments on ““Our floor is awfully popular”
  1. ScottM says:

    That does sound like an excellent workout– particularly if it keeps it interesting. That’s the deadly part for me; I’d so much rather read than work out…

  2. Cian says:

    What fiend introduced you to the Wii? 😉

  3. heather says:

    ScottM: Heee, yeah, that’s the tough part! So many fun things to do!

    Cian: Gosh, yeah, I wonder who that could have been? 😉

  4. Aaron says:

    Do you have to say “Wii!” as your swinging your hips?

    You should do some banner work for my Warhammer Online guild… after you join. 🙂

  5. heather says:

    Aaron: Heee! Don’t tempt me. That name already lends itself to an incredible number of jokes. 😀

    lol! No more games. Too busy already. Too many things to do outside games now. Just canceled my EVE subscription (sigh).

  6. Aaron says:

    Well, if you think there’s a possibility that you’ll have time two or three months down the road, join anyway. We have more than a few members who won’t be able to play immediately for one reason or another. And there’s cookies!

    Alright, there aren’t any cookies, but we have a jar where cookies could go!

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