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Sorry for the lack of posts recently—things have been crazy! Here’s something that ought to make up for it: in addition to collecting character-inspiring art for you, I’m also collecting art to inspire plots! These might be images of situations, strange items, etc. Here’s one of my favorite examples. Click through and click on the image at DA to view the full-size image for all the wonderful details:

Cold Trap by ~Sarienn on deviantART

You might use any one of these images to trigger an idea for an entire book’s plot or a simple twist in a pre-existing plot. They’re particularly handy for game masters looking for inspiration for this week’s adventure or magical artifact.

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One comment on “Plot Art Collection
  1. Oren Adkins says:

    What a great concept… this reminds me of when I auditioned for film school, and they asked the potential students to look at a photograph and write a story about it. But that photo was a very simple image… this one is practically a book waiting to be written.

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