Upcoming & Notes, 8/21/08

Caribousmom is hosting a giveaway of David Fuller’s Sweetsmoke—you have until September 3rd!

You have until September 25th to enter the contest for a copy of Acacia by David Anthony Durham from Fantasy Book Critic!

Join in on Shiloh’s Five Books Meme!


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2 comments on “Upcoming & Notes, 8/21/08
  1. Christine says:

    Holy cow, that’s a huge list! I am perpetually behind on reviews and so I quite admire people who can crank them out like that.

    On a different note, I notice that you still have a link to my old blog on your sidebar. I recently moved to my own domain: http://shereadsbooks.org . Would you mind switching your link to reflect this change? Thanks!

  2. heather says:

    Urgh, I’m so far behind it’s painful. 😀 But still fun!

    The link should be updated now. Thank you so much for letting me know!

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