Handmade beaded bookmarks & more!

Hi, all! In case you don’t read my personal blog, I’ve been short on reviews in the last week or so largely because I’ve been working furiously to get our online crafts store up-and-running. I love doing beading projects, and now we’re selling them. Take a look—not only do we have jewelry as well as trinket bags, but I have the first couple of beaded bookmarks up! I have a bunch more items to photograph and put up over time, so keep coming back! Here’s a little widget to show you a few of the items:

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4 comments on “Handmade beaded bookmarks & more!
  1. J. Kaye says:

    What beautiful work! 🙂

  2. heather says:

    Thank you J. Kaye!! 🙂 That means a lot.

    I hope things are getting better in your neck of the woods!

  3. Very pretty! I love Etsy, I’ll be sure to stop by your store! Looks like I could find quite a few gifts, which will be good as the holidays approach…

  4. heather says:

    gentle reader: Thank you so much! I have a bunch more bookmarks in particular that’ll be going up, so hopefully you’ll find something you like!

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