Catching up! Voting, Sexism, Jewelry, Skinned Knees, & Book Reviews

Harder to get things done these days. As someone with mental disorders, I find my motivation dramatically reduces during the winter months. I love winter, but the lack of light isn’t good for me. I’m sleeping much better now thanks to Seroquel, but it’s adding to the appetite-increasing effect of the Effexor, which also isn’t good. Particularly when you like to cook things like homemade honey-gingerbread marshmallows:

GOOD morning by *ErrantDreams on deviantART

I plan to take most of the batch to a friend’s this weekend!


Two brief thoughts on politics. As usual, I prefer to stick to process here when I touch on politics at all, not partisanship. So take partisan arguments to other blogs.

First, I read an article this morning that said that young people really aren’t turning out much so far in Florida’s early voting. Guys—VOTE! We all like to complain that past generations have left us with a mess of a world, politically, environmentally, etc. But one of the major ways we have of trying to make a difference is by voting for the candidate we think will best clean things up. So I don’t care who you vote for—just do it! It doesn’t take that much effort!

Second, after Obama put out his ad quoting John McCain as saying he’d need a VP who could advise him on economic matters, and then showing Palin winking, there appeared a fresh wave of complaints of sexism. As a woman I’m calling bullshit. The question of whether Palin is qualified to lead the country in economic matters is a perfectly legitimate question. If she is, she’ll withstand the questioning by proving she has the credentials. If she isn’t, well, it’s important to find that out. We ask these questions of male candidates all the time. Refusing to push a female candidate for her credentials just because she’s female, THAT would be just as sexist as saying that she couldn’t understand economic matters because she’s a woman.


I’ve been making more jewelry, and I’m very pleased with some of the new pieces. Here are two that I particularly like, Ice Queen Jewels:

Ice Queen Jewels by *ErrantDreams on deviantART

and Desert Mesa Necklace:

Desert Mesa Necklace by *ErrantDreams on deviantART

You can click on the images above to look at larger versions at deviantArt. Or, you can click on the text links above them to see 5 different photos of each at Etsy, and to buy them if you wish!

My last customer commented that she was extremely impressed with our packaging. You see, I try to package each piece separately within a little jewelry gift box inside of a padded mailer. I do this for entirely practical reasons. Our mailman has driven me insane with his treatment of packages. He’s shoved things into the mailbox so hard they split open and tore the contents open. He throws things at the house—and I don’t just mean a tiny little lob. So when I package something, I ask myself, “How can I package this so it would survive treatment by someone like him?” If this has a side effect of giving the customer a really nice little box for the jewelry, that’s great!


It’s been two weeks since I skinned my knee and it’s finally scabbing over. I’ve had notoriously weak ankles all my life—I do exercises specifically to strengthen them, but nothing ever seems to work. I was on the last step of the stairs to the sidewalk out front when my ankle gave way. My foot stayed on the step, and my knee hit the concrete below it. I’m really very lucky that all I did was skin my knee. But it took enough layers off that the center refused to scab over for two weeks. Once or twice a day I had to clean out my knee and make sure it wasn’t getting infected. It’s great to finally be able to wear long pants without having to tape gauze over my knee!

Anyway, between the fact that I was in constant knee-pain until a day or two ago, and the days getting darker, and my husband having been out of town on a trip, I’ve been incredibly unproductive. But I’ve made some jewelry, and I’m looking forward anxiously to this election being over. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Oh yeah, Here’s that review I had to re-write, of Michele Bardsley’s Wait till Your Vampire Gets Home, as well as a non-review of Allyson James’s The Dragon Master.


Edited to add: Check out the funniest campaign sign ever! Well okay, the funniest one I’ve ever seen, which is good enough for me. 🙂

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10 comments on “Catching up! Voting, Sexism, Jewelry, Skinned Knees, & Book Reviews
  1. ScottM says:

    Glad you’re doing better despite the dark. Knees are a mess to heal.

  2. Jewels says:

    good luck on the recovery!

  3. Bajun says:

    Fantastic jewelry! Waterfall is probably my favorite.
    How many of it have you already sold? Maybe you should try to sell it through eBay. Just a thought.

  4. I love the jewlery it is so beautiful I would buy you out if I had enough people to give it all to. I can not get over how lovely that it all is. I hope you continue to grow and prosper in all your business endeavors. From the looks of this jewlery you shouldn’t have any problems I hope. Marketing girl

  5. It’s a good thing you’re still inspired to design such jewelries despite the hurting of your knee. It doesn’t work that way for me, because whenever i’m hurting (like toothache or headache, or backache) i really find it hard to concentrate. By the way, I like your designs!

  6. Very nice jewelry! I love to see artists using alternative materials in their designs. Recently, I’ve become a big fan of Handmade Copper Jewelry!

  7. Andras says:

    Amazing jewelry, is it paua stone?

  8. Nice jewelry , if there is a nice jewelry gift box, it is better.

  9. Pat says:

    These are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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