Cuisipro pastry blender

Pros: Sturdy, strong, tough, and did I mention, sturdy?
Cons: None
Rating: 5 out of 5

Review item courtesy of Jardina Communications.
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I have had previous problems with pastry blenders. Some of them aren’t designed well (our current one doesn’t have the traditional curves to fit well in a bowl), while others don’t hold up well to the kind of abuse a pastry blender has to take. The Cuisipro pastry blender is simple, but it makes me happy.

Design: The blades are curved to work well in mixing bowls. They’re close enough together to efficiently blend fats into flour, but far enough apart to allow easy cleaning and to prevent you from having to constantly scrape butter or shortening from between them. The tall stretch of the sides allows you to work with a deep well of flour without flouring your fingers.

Materials: The blades are thick and strong; they show no signs of bending or otherwise failing to hold up. The handle is somewhat soft and easy on the hand, but built around a solid core that gives me no fear of breakage (unlike our old Oxo pastry blender).

This is a relatively standard design, but solidly executed. Since I find that it’s sometimes surprisingly difficult to find a good example of what should be a well-understood bit of baking technology, I think that’s a great thing.

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