horsies! & back in time

Last week I had a dream in which a friend and I went back in time to before Google became large & famous and got jobs there. Since we knew they were going to become huge, we tried to buy up as much stock as possible, but the problem was that since we’d just arrived in the past, we had no lines of credit, and only as much cash as was in our pockets.

I told the friend who was in the dream about this, and she suggested that this was just strange enough that it required blogging. So there you go. Apparently I invest in my sleep. I’m not sure what that says about me.

Anyway, although I don’t yet have a book review for you, I do have a peek at a project from our business partner. He got in a crafty mood and started making Christmas ornaments. We have the first set of four ornaments up for sale at etsy now, and should have at least several more soon. The things are absolutely adorable, or, as the friend who invested in Google with me in that dream said when I sent her a photo, “that’s so adorable I may die.”

Horse Ornaments by *ErrantDreams on deviantART

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2 comments on “horsies! & back in time
  1. Alice Teh says:

    These horsies are beautiful! Very creative. Do you do kitties? 😀

  2. heather says:

    Alice: I’ll have to ask Jervis when he gets back from travel. 😀 Cats would be awesome!

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