Upcoming & Handmade Bookmark Sale!

Since I’m now definitely receiving more review books than I can review all of, instead of telling you which books I’ve gotten in total, I’ll just let you know which are in the immediate upcoming queue to be reviewed. This week I plan to review Turback’s coffee drink cookbook, as well as a backyard cooking cookbook from Chronicle. I have some kitchenware to review from Cuisipro: measuring spoons, a pastry blender, and cookie cutters. And finally, next on my novel list is Lora Leigh’s Mercury’s War.

You might have noticed that a few weeks ago we opened a shop on etsy [errantdreams.etsy.com] for some of our handmade goods (jewelry, bookmarks, trinket bags, ornaments). Well, I just received a new shipment of bookmark-making supplies after using up all of my old stash, so in celebration I’ve marked down ALL of the old bookmarks by 20-30%. They make great stocking stuffers, and they’re wonderful for treating yourself with too, so grab ’em while they’re cheap! You’ll find all 11 bookmarks in the widget below, or you can click on this link [link] to visit the bookmark collection:

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2 comments on “Upcoming & Handmade Bookmark Sale!
  1. Woah! I love those beaded bookmarks! I’ve worked with simple beaded bookmarks a little bit, but mine were always sort of plain. Yours are elegant and fun! And congrats on your new Etsy store!

    ps… I love your Drop of Water pendant necklace!

  2. Arlene says:

    Your bookmarks are simply beautiful works of bead art. I have made necklaces, earrings and bracelets, but never tried my hand at making bookmarks. After seeing your bookmarks, I want to give it go. I agree with Laura on the Drop of Water necklace. It’s stunning. I have been to Etsy but wondering how it compares with eBay?

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