Wii Fit is still awesome…

I’ve had a wretched headache since sometime last night. But I hadn’t gotten on the wii fit and exercised since Thursday, so I didn’t want to skip another day. I went and did a few carefully-chosen exercises from the balance, aerobics, and strength portions, and then did entirely yoga for about 20 minutes. After all, the headache was centered on a muscle knot in the back right of my neck, and yoga is fantastic for stretching out the spine and the muscles around it.

Whaddaya know—headache mostly gone now. So the wii fit worked better than several rounds of Tylenol.


The latest book review is of Ad Hudler’s amusing and fun Man of the House, and I’m in the middle of reading Mercedes Lackey’s Foundation.

I did a new round of photographing items to go up on Etsy this morning. This includes many of the new wire-wrapped stone chokers, and some other new items like that. Also a cool surprise that our business partner had for us; I’ll post about that as soon as I have it up on Etsy later this week! I also just ordered supplies to make more bookmarks, since those seem to be the things people have been most interested in so far (speaking of which, I sold two more through Etsy at the end of last week!).

I have a feeling there were several other things I wanted to post about, but I can’t think of them, so they’ll just have to wait!

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4 comments on “Wii Fit is still awesome…
  1. Alice Teh says:

    That’s good to know, Heather! I feel great after a session of yoga too. Or just 30 minutes on the treadmill makes me a happy person. LOL. Keep it up!

  2. Trish says:

    I’ve heard that Wii fit is amazing. When my mom and I went to visit my sister in Argentina a few months back we brought one down for one of her friends because I guess they are really difficult to come by down there. I’ve never tried one or even seen someone using one, though.

  3. heather says:

    Alice: Yeah, it’s amazing how good exercise is for us, and yet how tough it can be to knuckle down and do it sometimes! 😀

    Trish: I’m surprised at how much fun it is and how much of a workout I get from it. I don’t think it would do much for someone who was already really athletic, but it’s great for us couch potatoes. 😉

  4. Tina says:

    I can’t recommend the wii fit enough i recently had a baby and its really helped shift the excess weight i put on after 9 months of stuffing my face lol.
    My son whos 3 also loves it he is really into his computers and loves the football game on it although its starting to get slightly trashed, my mums offered to give me a free ps3 that she is getting with her mobile contract so i might take her up on the offer so he can play on that instead.

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