Cats rock when you’re sick

I spent most of last night vomiting violently and repeatedly, possibly as a reaction to an antibiotic. I was so sore by the time there was nothing left in my stomach, from all the spasming, but Cahlash pressed himself against my back in bed, stretched out against it like a perfectly-warmed and furry heating pad. It was awesome, and definitely helped me to get a couple precious hours of sleep. The cats didn’t even fight for once. And when we got up, Cahlash kept trying to lead my husband out to the living room where I was while he was getting dressed. Selene also spent much of the night cuddled against my shin. They get so concerned when their people are sick. It’s precious. 🙂

Anyway, I’d just like to say…WE WERE RIGHT.

*ahem* Now that I have that out of my system…

Several people kept saying that Selene’s new-found viciousness was most likely a behavioral problem. We kept insisting there was more to it than that and that something seemed wrong. Turns out both cats have an infection of some kind. As soon as we know what kind, we can treat it and hopefully the violence will end and they’ll feel better!

In the meantime, we’re trying a product our vet recommended called “feliway”. It’s a feline facial pheremone, the same one cats use to mark you as theirs when they rub their faces on you. It’s supposed to calm them, and you can get it as a spray or as a room diffuser (called “comfort zone”). We’re using the latter. I don’t notice any odor, and it doesn’t bother my many sensitivities & allergies. We’re also cautiously optimistic that it might be starting to have some effect. We trust our vet’s recommendations, and even the lady at the checkout at the pet store enthused over the stuff.

Now I just have to keep the broth down that I had for breakfast, and go see the doctor again in an hour.

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4 comments on “Cats rock when you’re sick
  1. I am glad you were able to get a better idea of what’s bothering the cats. Now to make you feel better! Get better soon!

  2. ScottM says:

    Hope you feel better soon. It’s wonderful the way pets try to help when you need it.

    Mocca has been marking, so I’m interested in the feliway now that you mention it. I’ll have to see if it works as well against marking as they suggest. Calm’s not a bad side effect either…

  3. Alice Teh says:

    Sorry to hear you’re not well. I hope you’ll feel better soon. Also glad that now you know what’s wrong with Selene. I hope she gets well soon too.

  4. I have always loved having cats around when I am sick. I remember one night when I was ten I had the flu and it was really bad. I could not get to sleep the whole night because of how bad my body felt. I remember, the rest of my family was asleep and I felt completely alone. That is until my cat Fritter came in:) he laid by me the whole night letting me snuggle and making me feel muuuch better, it was one of the most beautiful animal moments I ever had.

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