Dire Crickets

In New England we had little black crickets that didn’t even make me—notorious bug wimp that I am—nervous. In Maryland we don’t have crickets, we have Dire Crickets, a reference that any D&D geek will understand in a heartbeat. They’re about five times the size of the things in New England, and way weirder looking. They look like those old crickets after a radioactivity “incident” out of a horror movie about mutants. Worse, they can survive being played with, hunted, and even chomped on by my cat for more than an hour. They’ll repeatedly play dead until he loses interest, then go on the move again. I had to trap one under an empty tea tin the other morning until my husband woke up (I’m enough of a wimp under normal circumstances when it comes to bugs; it’s worse when I have insomnia and bare feet).


Latest book review: John Levitt’s New Tricks. Coming soon: a review of Patricia Potter’s Behind the Shadows.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to hear about the cricket incident, I can relate but, fortunately it was a plain old black cricket and we had to fish it out(literally, he used a fishing pole to scare it out of hiding, lol) so he, yes he not me, could get rid of it.

    I love the jewelry very nice craftsmanship, and the beauty is every piece is always unique. I dabble myself, but my stuff never looks that good, but my 7 year old thinks I’m an artist and that matters most to me.

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