Thanksgiving Cooking, Day 1

7:10 am: Why day 1? Well, because we cook on Thursday and Friday and serve on Saturday. Technically I’ve already done a few things (made dry mixes for cornbread & biscuits, etc.), but this is where it really begins. My husband and I just made chocolate marshmallows, and now it’s time for a break.

Feast cooking tip #1: Remember to take breaks. Between each recipe, clean up the dishes & your work space, drink some water, and get off of your feet for 10 minutes to a half hour. It won’t seem necessary at first, but boy will it help later.

10:05 am: Chocolate marshmallows, Warcraft, orange cranberry sauce, Warcraft… back to work to make mocha pastry cream for a raspberry mocha trifle!

10:45 am: Mmmmmm. Mooocha. Well that came out well! Hard to go wrong with chocolate, coffee, and vanilla bean. Now we’re taking a 15-minute break before cutting and coating the marshmallows.

1:50 pm: Marshmallows cut & coated (most with a cocoa/powdered sugar mix, some with melted chocolate). Lunch eaten. Bacon bits made for the biscuits. Extra-sharp cheddar grated for the biscuits.

And that, I think, is that for today. Cleanup is still to be done before a friend comes into town tonight!

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2 comments on “Thanksgiving Cooking, Day 1
  1. Cian says:

    Wow. Now I am really looking forward to coming up there. The company was good enough reason, but this just adds to it. 🙂

  2. heather says:

    😀 Yay!

    Post #2 is up.

    Please please please forgive if the house is messy. Due to some medical stuff on my & Bev’s parts today we didn’t get around to doing all the cleaning we would have liked to.

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