WW III in my living room

I’m worried that one of our cats may be ill or in pain or something. She tends to get territorial and cranky now and then, but lately she’s practically been trying to kill her brother. It seemed to center around a cat that was coming to the back door; she’d see it through the glass, hurl herself at it, and when that didn’t work she’d go after her brother. We closed off the room that door is in, though, and yet today she went after her brother worse than ever even without that. Sometimes when one of them is feeling ill or in pain they’ll get pissy at each other, so I’m worried there might be something else going on. I made a vet appointment for her on Saturday. That won’t help her stress level any, but when we reach the point where I’m afraid to allow our two cats in the same room for fear that the next time I won’t be able to separate them…

So that plus the possibility that I might have another infection and might have to go get antibiotics again are making me stressed and cranky today.

At any rate, here are the latest reviews, of some Cuisipro measuring spoons and a Cuisipro pastry blender, as well as my husband’s review of Larry Niven’s classic Ringworld.

I have some very nifty new jewelry and such that I’ll be gradually posting for sale at errantdreams.etsy.com, including a few pieces that use some remarkable handmade Jaipuri pottery beads:

Desert Oasis by *ErrantDreams on deviantART

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6 comments on “WW III in my living room
  1. michelel72 says:

    Hope she’s okay or that it’s an easy fix. I know what you mean about the redirected annoyance — one of my foster cats (FIV+) tends to go after my other three and other foster, so when he’s around, they tend to beat up on each other as well. Very annoying of them.

  2. Alice Teh says:

    I hope your cat is OK, Heather… and that all goes well at the vet on Sat.

    I like the look of the jewellery you posted here. Neat! 🙂

  3. ScottM says:

    Mocca (our kitten) is getting the big snip today. From the way he complained about the torture of going without food overnight, you know he’s going to be upset tomorrow when he comes home.

  4. How are your cats doing, Heather? Hopefully whatever was ailing the aggressive cat has passed now. 🙁

  5. heather says:

    michele: Apparently the kitties have an infection of some sort. So now we’re waiting for additional test results so the docs will know what to treat them with. Fingers crossed that it makes things better! Our vet also recommended a pheremone product called “feliway” in diffuser form, so we’re trying that—it’s supposed to calm them over time, and I’ve heard/seen good things about it since looking into it. I can’t tell yet if it’s helping with our cats, but you might consider giving it a try.

    Alice: Thankfully an infection should be easy to treat! As much as I don’t want anything to be wrong with them, I’d kind of rather that there be something concrete and easy to fix wrong rather than thinking that one of our cats has just gone nuts. :/

    Scott: Heh, good luck! Our little guy actually had a ball (pun intended) when he got that done because he has a knack for charming vet techs and spent the entire time getting fawned over and carried around.

    Feline: Still not doing well, but hopefully we’ll have them treated and feeling better soon now that we know what’s wrong!!

  6. michelel72 says:

    Glad you got an answer, and hope it works out. My own scenario is a complicated one, but I might try the Feliway, at that; the worst I’ve ever heard about it is that it just doesn’t work for some people/cats. Can’t hurt, anyway. Thanks!

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