Finding a good Chinese restaurant

I grew up in New England. There, even though the population didn’t seem very diverse, there was always a good Chinese restaurant somewhere nearby. It might not look like much, and not every restaurant measured up (I remember one in Cambridge, MA that delivered a thing of soy sauce with a dead roach drowned in it), but there was always a good one that wasn’t too tough to find. Even in North Haverhill, NH we could find one a short drive away! It was as de rigeur as a good pizza place.

Then we moved to Maryland. Each Chinese restaurant we tried disappointed us. Even the couple we were cautiously optimistic about went downhill within two visits. Other cuisines here are great—Viet-Thai Paradise is one of our favorite Annapolis restaurants, and Plaza Garibaldi has awesome Mexican food—but there’s just something about Chinese restaurants in this area.

Finally last night we found one I’m hoping will stick. They’ve been around since ’93, and I found a bunch of positive online reviews about them. Much like the ones up North they look like a litle hole in the wall, and it isn’t high cuisine, but who needs high cuisine when you’ve got good egg rolls and those little fried crispy noodles on the table?! If you’re in the area and wondering, it’s Chopstix in Pasadena, MD.

Meanwhile, I have a couple of new reviews up! For books, check out Patricia Potter’s Behind the Shadows. (Next up: the anthology Witch High.) But best of all, check out the Calphalon No-Peek Waffle Maker!!!

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9 comments on “Finding a good Chinese restaurant
  1. Alice Teh says:

    Did you enjoy the one you found? 😀

  2. Aaron says:

    I hope that’s the one. I have the same problem finding good Mexican restaurants when I’m away from the border, or good seafood when I’m away from Cajun country.

  3. ScottM says:

    Merry Christmas (a little early)!

  4. It’s because us New Englanders have a great taste in food. Our pallate is educated hahah. Good luck on the hunt!

  5. I also like eating in chinese restaurants. I especially like trying out different crab and corn soups.

  6. heather says:

    Hi all! Happy late holidays; I pretty much didn’t log in over vacation so I didn’t get a chance to say hi.

  7. IMO, they have to have really good orange chicken. If they do, then it’s a great chinese restaurant in my book.;-)

  8. i too love chinese dishes. but really didn’t have a chance for vacation and fun this year. maryland didnt have much good places as i remember though. but there was one. i cant remember the name though

  9. Finding a dead roach would be disgusting. Maybe you could have sued like that one person did when they got a chicken head in their McDonald’s nuggets 😉

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