Happy Holidays—Find a new job

I get grumpy now every time I hear someone say that no, we aren’t in a recession, that everything’s fine. Why? Because I’m watching business after business shut down. I’m in a reasonably nice area by Annapolis. It’s a lot more “recession-proof” than some places. And yet, you can definitely see the effects. We walked into our long-time favorite dry cleaner’s business just before Christmas, only to find out that they’d been told that very morning that they were closing in just three days’ time and everyone was out of a job. The woman who told us this said this was the second time this had happened to her that year.

Later that day I noticed that the chocolate shop I’d always managed to barely restrain myself from delving into had vanished. The next day I saw two more empty spaces in the signage of a nearby shopping plaza. And those weren’t the last places I noticed.

Honestly, I’m thrilled we’ve gotten any sales at all at our new Etsy and Shop Handmade stores, given how steeply jewelry sales have dropped this holiday season (something like 25% overall, and it’ll be even harder for a new place like ours with no established customer base). I think it’s positively a miracle that we’ve gotten as many sales as we have. It might not be enough to call a real “income,” but in this climate I’m simply grateful that my husband has a steady job and I have a way to supplement that a bit.

So if you’ve got a steady job, spare a moment to be thankful for it today, and to hope that things get better for everyone who suddenly finds themselves struggling for work.


Anyway, several book reviews coming soon, as well as a cat update and similar bits of less depressing frippery!

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3 comments on “Happy Holidays—Find a new job
  1. Alice Teh says:

    Hi Heather, I’m glad things are working out for you and your stores. I love my work and I’m indeed thankful all the time for it.

    I’m looking forward to those book reviews. 🙂

  2. Trish says:

    In Texas we haven’t felt the recession as much in other places. The economy has been pretty stable and the housing market is about flat (some areas are actually still growing), but it’s hard to miss the big huge retailers that are going under and leaving gigantic empty spaces–the Circuit Cities, Linens and Things, even Borders is hurting. Very scary–glad your Etsy is going well.

    Anyway, happy new year! 🙂

  3. heather says:

    Alice: Hi and I hope you had a lovely holiday! First of the book reviews is now up. 😉

    Trish: Yeah, even the areas that are doing well are noticing the impact of the wider-area changes. I’m glad to hear that overall your area is handling things well! I hope you had a happy holiday season!

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