Inhaler Cat?!

I learned another new feline thing. You can use an inhaler on a cat. I just ordered a “spacer” and mask so we can use an asthma inhaler on Cahlash. Apparently he had an asthma attack night before last. Meanwhile he’s getting steroids (oral liquid) and antibiotics just in case of pulmonary infection (oral liquid).

Mealtime is getting to be quite complicated. This morning the first thing I did was load up a syringe of steroid stuff. They use pediatric liquid, so it smelled of cherry. I grabbed Cahlash from behind and after several tries managed to get most of it down his throat. Next I loaded up a syringe of lactulose for Selene, pried her out from her hiding place behind our shoes, and squirted that down her throat. Then I mixed their raw turkey breakfast with a little water, lysine for Cahlash’s feline herpes, and a GI support supplement for Selene, topping hers off with Cosequin for her joint stiffness. (Nothing like having your pets head into their senior years, I guess.)

Tonight (because giving Cahlash multiple meds will be easier once my husband is home and can help) I’ll load up syringes of steroids and antibiotics for him, and prozac for her, and go at it all over again, although their dinner only gets lysine added, so that’ll be simpler. At least by the time the inhaler mask arrives we should be down to once a day on the steroids for him. The real trick will be those days when we take day-trips to Virginia; we often get home very late. After the first two weeks on the inhaler twice a day it’ll become an “as needed” thing, thank goodness. I have a feeling that for the next couple of weeks we’ll have to leave our friends in Virginia early and try to get home a little earlier.

The x-rays they took while he was there led to the discovery that he also has an enlarged heart and a heart murmur. Thankfully it’s mild and doesn’t require treatment, but we’ll have to get it re-checked in 6-8 months to make sure it isn’t getting worse.


Well, we knew from the start that our cats were born prematurely and would probably have extra health problems. But they adopted us immediately, and we fell in love with them, so what could we do? And we certainly don’t regret that decision—how could we? They’re family. 🙂

Peekaboo Cat by =ErrantDreams on deviantART

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4 comments on “Inhaler Cat?!
  1. ScottM says:

    It’s amazing how they worm their way into our hearts. As Jennifer tells everyone about Mocca– “he’s the most expensive free cat I’ve ever had”.

  2. Alice Teh says:

    Selene and Cahlash are fortunate furkids to have a furmom like you. Bless you!

  3. bev says:

    that is a great shot of selene. she looks like she’s about to either ask if you’ve seen her mommy, or eat your camera.

  4. heather says:

    Scott: Absolutely! People tend to think of pets as simple and inexpensive, but they can have all the health problems people do.

    Alice: Awww, thank you! They really are family, and we just adore them.

    bev: Heee, I’m rather fond of that one, I admit. But with her, I’d have to go for the latter translation…

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