Human Chess

Yesterday I got to chatting with my husband and someone else about some of the hijinks that went on at MIT when I & my husband were there. One that I didn’t think of at the time but that for some reason popped into my head last night was the human chess game.

About 10-15 years ago we noted that the tile squares in lobby 10 at MIT were the perfect size (and came in enough number) that they could hold a human chess match. So we taped off a board, rounded up two ranked chess players to play the kings and give directions and enough people to play the pieces, and held a game. When one piece “killed” another there would be a mock combat, followed by the defeated piece’s “death” and removal from the board. It was great fun, and drew quite the crowd.


I’m a bit behind on listing book reviews. Here are the latest ones for you; there are some truly brilliant entries this time!

(Phew! I hadn’t realized just how much I’d fallen behind there!)

And a kitchenware review, of the Emerilware Poultry Roaster.

There’s plenty more where that came from; I’ve already read three more books that I plan to review this week, and of course it won’t stop there! 🙂 We also recently received two cookbooks for review, which we’re currently making recipes from, and so far they’re holding up quite well. So if you’re looking for good books to buy, come back often!

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