Sinister Shoes and Reviews 6-9

What is it with shoes on the side of the road? For years now I’ve seen tons of shoes just lying on roads, whether city streets, suburban drives, or highways. Often just one; occasionally two. I mentioned it to my husband, and soon he started noticing it too. It’s like socks disappearing in dryers. Then we mentioned it to a friend of ours, and she couldn’t help but notice them either. I swear, it isn’t just me!

So it was with jaw on the floor that some weeks ago I stumbled across an aerial image of a mysterious pile of shoes spread out along the side of a highway, with an accompanying article saying that no one had any idea where they’d come from. I showed it to my husband, commenting that apparently the shoe trend had reached its (il)logical conclusion.

Aha! While I can’t yet find the original aerial photo I remember seeing, here’s an article with accompanying shoe photo.


Anyway, I’ve now reviewed books six through nine in that recommended Spring reading series. Here you go:

I also reviewed a 2 qt Calphalon ceramic baker. Yum!


If you’re a sudoku addict (I’ve just recently gotten hooked, although frankly I’m not that good at it!), Web Sudoku is pretty handy when you have a few spare minutes.


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