Asthma Cat Redux & Mother’s Day

Things have, as always, been kind of crazy. Health problems throughout the pets & family. Epic fail at getting the lawn done (first guy never showed up, second folks didn’t show, first guy showed and tried to guilt us into having him do it [which just makes me mad and determined never to hire him again], second folks showed to do estimate, rain kept it from happening, and now we’re waiting for a dry day).

Cahlash’s asthma kicked off again, so he spent part of the weekend before this one on oxygen, and has had to take his inhaler rather often lately. He’s also on antibiotics for a possible secondary pneumonia infection. Poor kitty. Wanna see what an inhaler looks like when prepped for a cat?

Cahlash and his inhaler

Cahlash and his inhaler


I also have some new reviews for you:

As well as a set of last-minute Mother’s Day gift recommendations!

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4 comments on “Asthma Cat Redux & Mother’s Day
  1. I have never heard of a cat with asthma. I wish you both the best! Your kitty is SO cute.

  2. Alice Teh says:

    Sorry to hear all the things that didn’t go well, but on a happier note, Happy Mother’s Day! That’s a nice t-shirt. I wish I live in the US…

  3. marsha says:

    Sorry to hear that thing. .I have never knew or heard about kitty suffer from asthma,but I feel pity of what happened in your kitty.

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