Last-Minute Mother’s Day Recommendations

I wanted to chime in with a couple of last-minute recommendations for Mother’s Day. Thanks to quick shipping, it isn’t too late if these look good to you!

For cat lover moms: Purry Logic by Jane Seabrook.

It’s a little gift-book filled with charming cat art, each piece accompanied by the perfect cat-spirational saying. What struck me the most as I read through this book was the utter perfection of the expressions on these cats faces and their poses, and how hilariously true to life they were.

For witty moms: Give the Bitch Her Chocolate by Polish & Wotz.

Polish and Wotz pair together vulgar, offensive, sarcastic witticisms (yes, pretty much everyone can find something to be offended by in here) with darling vintage illustrations of housewives, families, and husbands. Those illustrations take on delightful new meaning when paired with such sayings as “should I be expected to stay sober all morning?”

For vegetarian moms with a sweet tooth: Mollie Katzen’s Recipes: Desserts.

…from date-nut cake to iced carob brownies, lemon mousse to chocolate crepes, baked custard to whole wheat poppy seed cookies. Notes often guide the reader as to acceptable substitution of soy milk and similar ingredients. These aren’t low-fat low-sugar recipes, but they do make good use of plenty of fruits, nuts, and fresh ingredients of all kinds.

For baking moms: the Calphalon 2 qt ceramic baker.

My favorite features of the ceramic baker are its versatility and the ease of cleaning. A two quart volume is just about perfect for most uses, and it’s nice to have another piece of cookware that’s safe for both the oven and the microwave, and can be used to put leftovers straight into the fridge or freezer.

For moms who are Nora Roberts fans: Vision in White.

I’m not a “perfect wedding” daydreamer. I had a very small and simple wedding and loved it that way. But Nora Roberts makes the business of weddings so funny, poignant, and engaging that I absolutely loved reading about it.

I won’t say what I’m getting for my mother, since her package might not have reached her yet. But I will say it can be found on this list!

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11 comments on “Last-Minute Mother’s Day Recommendations
  1. Valleri says:

    This is a wonderful book I gave it to my mother for mothers day last year and she loved it! “For cat lover moms: Purry Logic by Jane Seabrook”

  2. Jeff Jones says:


    This is a great list of timely gifts for moms.

    I wish I had found your blog a little sooner. I think she really would have liked the Purry Logic book.

    I’m hoping if I keep coming back I won’t miss out next time-LOL!


    • heather says:

      I agree with you both about Purry Logic—it’s such a great, whimsical little book. I included it in the box I sent to my mom and she says she loves it!

  3. K says:

    What a coincidence I came across this post, because I just recently bought that book for my mom, and she loved it! 😀 nice.. only, I bought it for her birthday and kept mother’s day simple with a video done with her favourite songs and pictures in which she claimed she looks good. Haha 😀

  4. Greetings,

    Its ok… It should not have an end on celebrating a Mothers Day. I mean even not a mothers day we should always do something special for our moms as the sign of our thankful to her for the love and care she gives. By the way, as my moms loves to bake i am currently thinking on Calphalon 2 qt ceramic baker as my gift to her and at the same time as my birthday present for her.

  5. my mom will definitely enjoy the Purry Logic gift, our cat has a special treat in our home as she is another member of the family to us. Thanks for sharing the ideas!

  6. Kimmidoll says:

    lol – I can just imagine my Mom opening up, “Give the Bitch Her Chocolate” on Mother’s Day! I think she’d have a fit!

  7. Austin says:

    I actually got my mom Vision in White – right up her alley and she loved it!

  8. Thanks for the ideas…loved them….seeing this a little late but have a mom b-day coming up soon!

  9. Oh, forgot to mention that I loved Vision in White myself…great choice to give to a mamma.

  10. Giving special gift to our mother is the best things that we cn do for her. Probably material things is good but showing them how much we love them would be the best gift we can give.

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