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Handcrafted Electronic Android Trained for Hazardous Exploration and Repair

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O frabjous day: we have a new book reviewer over at the reviews blog—Rene! She’s great, and has already posted a handful of reviews. Here are hers so far:

And here are my newest ones:

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3 comments on “Cyborg Name
  1. Alice Teh says:

    This is fun, Heather! I did mine some time ago but could remember the exact words. It’s got something to do with “Calculation” and “Exploration.”

  2. Christian Adams says:

    Congrats on your new works! I’ve already browsed them and I find them good. I have also seen Rene’s work, they are also good!

    Like Alice Teh, I did mine before and got something to do with Exploration.

    Keep on doing more works that could inspire others!
    Good luck!

    Christian Adams

  3. Hi! I am also doing book reviews and I think Rene does very well. She’s spo lucky that you have published her works. I hope, I’ll be as good as her too 🙂

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