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Sorry about the recent lack of reviews—it’s been a sort-of mid-summer vacation. You’ll start to see more again later this week.

In the meantime, since there have been so many spectacular internet author meltdowns regarding reviews this summer, let me leave you with a gorgeous counter-example. Nonnie wrote a hysterically harsh review of Carla Cassidy’s recent Harlequin release, Pregnesia. Carla Cassidy responded with an equally hysterical, graceful, good-sport comment in a similar style. Not only did she elevate the whole discussion to a new level of fun, but she won over extra readers who might not have been interested in her work before. An example to live by! (By the way, I love some of her non-Harlequin romance/suspense novels!)

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3 comments on “Author Excellence
  1. Kailana says:

    I must say, that is pretty great. 🙂 I don’t normally read that blog simply because I don’t read that type of book very often. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  2. Del Mar real estate says:

    Heather, I understand as bloggers also sometimes needs a break and need to give others break as well.

    I am wondering whether you read all those books you review first or get ideas from 2-3 websites since 800+ books reviews and kitchware reviews are too much for one person. I mean, I will take days to read just 1 book lol. So do you have a team with you or not?

    Anyway, I appreciate your efforts.

    Great job!

    • heather says:

      1. Yes, of course I actually read or use an item before using it. Stealing material from other websites would be, imagine that, stealing.

      2. Too much for one person? Over 11 years? Really? I’ve been doing this since 1998.

      3. My husband has done a handful of reviews, and this summer we finally added one more person, but other than that it’s been all me. I can easily read a good book in one day.

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