I apologize for the recent lack of content and for my failure to reply to some of the emails we’ve gotten. Long story short: I’ve been dealing with a heck of an insomnia problem that is now getting treatment, so hopefully soon I’ll have some energy again. In the meantime, however, I’ve been pretty out of it, and the treatment is worse than the disease in the first stages, so I’m even more tired for the moment. Reading a book, much less reviewing it, takes a lot more brainpower than I have for now! Assuming the insomnia gets better, however, you should see more from us soon! Thank you for your patience!

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3 comments on “Apologies…
  1. Hope things get better soon Heather!

    • heather says:

      Thank you! It looks like it was a side effect of a medication I’m on, so now I’m on another medication to counteract that, and so far it seems to be helping. It’ll be a while before I’m caught up on sleep since I also need to do “sleep restriction therapy” to re-train my body to sleep at the right time. (Sleeping for four hours a night at set times for several days, then five, then six, etc.) I’m feeling a bit more alert, even though I’m still falling asleep in my chair. 😉

  2. Mervi says:

    I also hope that things will improve soon, Heather!

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