Sorry for delays again…

Medication changes have made it difficult to get a lot done the last few weeks (yep, the meds that cured my insomnia make me so sleepy I can barely stay awake). On the plus side, we’re working on switching things around so hopefully I won’t have to take those any more, which means that hopefully within the next few weeks I’ll be all awake again and able to get plenty of reviews done!

I’ve read Nora Roberts’s Savor the Moment and hope to review it this week, and I’m reading In Bed With now. I’m also working my way through two cookbooks (Whoopie Pies and Chocolate Cakes) to review. So we’ll be back in regular operation soon, in theory!

Edited to add: Oh yeah, there will also be reviews of J.D. Robb’s Fantasy in Death and Stephen King’s Desperation (that last one is a little out of date, but I was in the mood for some classic King horror).

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2 comments on “Sorry for delays again…
  1. derik says:

    Man oh man, I had the worst bout of insomnia a while back. Been on every drug in the book, and a few that are shady. What pills are you looking at for sleep issues? Much sympathy, that’s for sure.

    • heather says:

      Thanks! The whole thing turned out to be a side effect from a medication I’m on that can cause restless legs syndrome. So I’m on a med for RLS right now, but I’m working my way toward getting off of the original med that caused the problem and getting onto a different one that should work better. So it involves ramping one med down and another one up, and then waiting to see if that works, and if it does, trying to go off of the RLS med… So unfortunately it takes time!

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