"Cold Sight," Leslie Parrish

Pros: Fantastic tension & pacing; wonderful plot twists; great romance; made me cry!
Cons: Can’t think of any!
Rating: 5 out of 5

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There are a few authors whose work I instantly fell in love with as soon as I was introduced to it. Shiloh Walker was one; Leslie Parrish is another. So far I’ve not been even a tiny bit disappointed when one of their books crossed my desk—and since often I have no idea what the latest review book will hold for me, it’s wonderful to have a few authors whose work I know I’ll enjoy. While I tend to prefer non-paranormal romantic suspense, I have to admit that Leslie’s Cold Sight, the first book in her new “Extrasensory Agents” series, was truly enjoyable. I think my recent spate of reading romantic suspense combined with that little bit of bias led me to wonder at first whether I’d end up enjoying Cold Sight as much as her “Black CATs” series, but I needn’t have worried—I read the entire book yesterday, and during the latter half I couldn’t put it down!


Aidan McConnell is a psychic who used to work missing persons cases, until he was made the scapegoat in a botched investigation and he retreated from the outside world, moving to a small town and keeping to himself. That small town, however, has its own dark secrets, secrets which reporter Lexie Nolan is determined to expose. She believes the spate of missing girls in town is due to the work of a serial killer, but everyone seems determined to believe they’re just runaways. She’s been demoted, she’s in danger of losing her job, everyone in town blames her for stirring up fear… and another girl has just disappeared. Lexie is determined to find Vonnie before it’s too late, and Aidan is her last hope for help. Convincing him to get back in the game, however—not to mention trust a reporter—is a whole other matter.


The tension between Lex and Aidan—both great characters—is kept at the perfect level. Aidan has excellent reason to hate reporters, and Lex doesn’t really believe in psychic powers (she mostly wants Aidan’s help because her boss and mentor thinks highly of him, and because Aidan also has a reputation as a very good investigator independent of any psychic abilities). The conflict between them isn’t stretched out too far, thankfully, since there’s plenty of plot-based conflict to make things hard on them. It doesn’t take long for each of them to realize they’re attracted to the other, but that doesn’t make a romance easy. Touching anyone is difficult for Aidan due to the mental connections it opens up for him. And Lexie plans to get the hell out of this town once the bad guy is caught, so she knows she won’t be around him much longer.

Leslie has a talent for snarky, flirty dialogue, and it definitely shows, particularly during the more character-oriented first half of the book:

“Okay, so why are you calling?” he asked, not sure he wanted to know.

“I got a call last night from a reporter.”

“We don’t use that word anymore, remember?”

“Oh, sorry. I mean, I got a call last night from a lying, manipulative media cockroach.”


The pacing and plot are the best part of Cold Sight, particularly in the latter half of the book. The tension ratchets up steadily. The stakes climb higher. There are some truly devastating shocks and surprises, a couple of which had my jaw on the floor. And yeah, I cried at least once. (*sniff*) There’s definitely some adult material in here—the town’s secrets get pretty dark, and the killer is portrayed with unflinching harshness. Not everyone necessarily gets a happily-ever-after; this is definitely not a light pick-me-up book. But it is a fantastic story.

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14 comments on “"Cold Sight," Leslie Parrish
  1. Stacy ~ says:

    Great review! I sobbed my eyes out during one part of the book (I know you know which part). I had to put down the book for 2 days. But overall, I did love it, and would rate it a 4. Now I just have to work on my own review. You’ve inspired me *g*

  2. nelson says:

    Really enjoyed this edgy thriller, though at times I thought it was a little gruesome I was enthralled with the plot and characters. The best is the ending, (which I won’t give away here), but I will say that I liked the way the romance between the main characters was intertwined into the plot rather than just a sideline. Parrish succeeds again in producing a great romantic thriller. For those of you that enjoy reading something on the lighter side be sure and check out the romantic comedies she’d written under the name of Leslie Kelly.

  3. Summer Davis says:


    I have always loved reading contemporary romance novels but after reading a number of “romantic suspense” stories, my interest have been shifted. It’s good that you blogged about this! These kind of stories are becoming a trend and so, it’s very hard for me to find stories with good plots. Some of them are patterned and boring that you will have no choice but to put it down, unfinished. You mentioned that you weren’t able to put the book down, until the end. That does it for me! I’m really going to buy the book! I’m excited to read it, thanks for the review!


  4. Lisa says:

    what a great review for this book.. thanks for writing it and sharing with us

  5. Ava K. says:

    I haven’t read Leslie Parrish before, but I’m curious about the “Extrasensory Agents” aspect. I can’t remember the last time I read a book in a single day — when did life become so busy?

  6. Shawna says:

    I’ve only read “Fade To Black”, but I’d be interested in returning to Parrish for the new series. Especially when there are no “cons”!

  7. Would this book be appropriate for a 13-year-old? My daughter is consuming novels at an alarming rate, and I’m trying to find interesting books for her. She likes suspense, but I’m not sure how “romantic” this book gets…?

  8. heather says:

    Christine: I can’t make the age judgement call, because every parent places that line differently for their children. However, I will say there is explicit sex in Leslie Parrish’s books, and as I mentioned in the review, there’s definitely some adult, dark material in here, since it is a book that includes a serial killer.

  9. Sarah Bakker says:

    I really love the character of Aidan McConnell in the book! Quite interesting. The conversations in the book are also witty and laughter-cracking! I so love the book!

  10. I have been trying to find some more stuff about this book online because one of my friends just will stop badgering me to start reading it. She raves about it. Your review is very generous to and makes me want to take the plunge and buy the book.

  11. Eric says:

    I will definitely give this book a try! I’m always on the lookout for a new favorite author and Leslie Parrish sounds like someone whose writing I would really enjoy; thank you for reviewing it!

  12. Tim Charles says:

    I love the chemistry of Aidan and Lex in this novel! Conflicting characters yet they love each other.

  13. Molly says:

    Hi Heather,

    I usually like my romance and suspense novels separate but this book sounds intriguing. I haven’t read a good book since the Black Cat Series and this may be the first one I’m going to read in like a year!


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