"My Lady's Pleasure" by Olivia Quincy

Pros: Plenty of steamy moments between the various characters.
Cons: The heroine can seem spoiled and self-centered at times.
Rating: 3 out of 5

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Lady Georgiana Vernon is a woman ahead of her time. Still unmarried, she has taken Jeremy Staunton as her lover. They have agreed that they don’t want to be exclusive, which is why Georgiana has no qualms about taking a brilliant landscape designer as her lover during a party at a friend’s country house. Not everyone at the house is as open minded as she is, and she soon finds herself the target of more and more serious threats. Who would wish her this much ill over a harmless dalliance?


I have to admit, Olivia Quincy’s My Lady’s Pleasure wasn’t quite what I expected. Based on the back cover copy, I had thought that the focus of the book was to be on Georgiana’s story. Instead, hers is the main thread while the reader is still treated to glimpses of other characters’ sexual exploits as well. I didn’t mind the digressions too much at first, but as I kept reading I started to feel like I was spending just as much time with other characters as with Georgiana. (There were a few places that shaded into purple prose as well, which was off-putting.)

Despite the occasional prose problems, there was definitely a wide variety of activities between characters. Some of it may not be to every reader’s taste, but I didn’t find any of it absolutely outrageous, and most of it was pretty steamy. With that being said, if you’re a historical purist, you might not enjoy the idea of Victorian house-guests engaging in seemingly constant sexual encounters. Their encounters don’t, thankfully, take away from the overall plot; there are many different and interesting ways that characters and their actions interact with and affect the others’ stories.

Historical purists will also likely be driven crazy by Georgiana’s behavior, if not her ideals as well. At one point, she rides astride without any company at all on her way to her friend’s house. She also plays tennis in front of male spectators in pants. Not bloomers, form fitting pants. Georgiana can also be a bit blind about the consequences of her actions, and that single-mindedness put me in mind of a young teenager, not someone old enough to be married. It was a relief when another character finally pointed out the obvious to her.

The mystery of the threats directed at Georgiana kept me guessing. I never felt like I could entirely be certain whether or not I suspected the right person, but there were plenty of clues to keep me guessing and questioning my own suspicions. That was the most fun of this book for me, trying to figure out how everything was related and who was behind everything.

Despite not being quite what I expected, this was actually an interesting read, if for no other reasons than to see how everyone’s lives intersected, and to find out who was behind the threats Georgiana was receiving. While the sex was varied and steamy, I really had thought I’d be spending more time inside Georgiana’s head. While I enjoyed reading this book, I just can’t say that anything stood out to me to make me love it.

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