"Doubletake," Rob Thurman

Pros: Family can be such a double-edged sword…
Cons: Family can be such a double-edged sword.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5


NOTE: This is book seven of the Leandros Brothers series by Rob Thurman. The series starts with Nightlife, through Moonshine, Madhouse, Deathwish, Roadkill, Blackout, and now Doubletake. Start at the beginning, and try to avoid reviews of later books until you’ve read the previous ones. I’ll just say that I love every one of the seven-so-far books.


Half-brothers Niko and Cal have been on the run together for years, each other’s only family. Or almost—if you don’t count the homicidal “elves” who kept trying to kill everyone (yeah, they’re from Cal’s side of the family). But now it’s Niko’s father who’s suddenly come out of the woodwork. He wants Niko and Cal’s help tracking down a highly dangerous item that seems to be coming after Cal and Niko already. To make matters worse, the entire puck race is in town for the Panic—an event which scares even them, and involves a lottery that no one wants to win.

Just as Niko’s father is proving he still isn’t father-of-the-year material, and the pucks trash the Peri’s bar like there’s no tomorrow, another reminder of Cal’s own maniacal past shows up. Will the family horrors never end?


For some reason I can’t quite give Doubletake the full five out of five I give so many of Ms. Thurman’s Leandros Bros. books—it strays just a tad too far over the line from dark to depressing for my taste. But that line is different for everyone, so take your own preferences into account here.

This will be a short review, because there’s little I can add to the praise I’ve already heaped on Thurman’s characters, plot twists, adventures, and world-building in previous reviews from this series. One of my favorite aspects of this particular book is getting to see a much deeper side to Robin Goodfellow than we’ve previously enjoyed—and the wait was worth it.

I’m almost afraid to see where Thurman plans to take this series next, because it looks like things are only going to heat up more!

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