Goodreads contest reminder and sparkly bookmarks!

Edit #1, on 4/23: Today’s the last day to vote in the Goodreads contest, so please do!

Edit #2, also on 4/23: I put up a “SummerSellout” coupon in the ErrantDreams booth (which includes all those sparkly bookmarks depicted below). It is for 50% off everything in the booth. Seriously. I need to free up some space. Buy me out of sparkly bookmarks and hairsticks and jewelry. Make sure to click on “coupon available” and “apply coupon” before putting an item in your cart, although I think there’s also a spot in the checkout process to apply the actual coupon code (“SummerSellout” without the quotation marks).


First, a reminder that the Goodreads book blog contest is coming up!

Independent Book Blogger Awards

Vote for this blog for the Independent Book Blogger Awards!



And along with the reminder, I wanted to point you at some sparkly bookmarks I made, for those of us who still occasionally enjoy non-electronic books. 🙂 I have several that end in absolutely gorgeous, sparkling Swarovski crystal oval elements in several colors. I have a bunch that end in dangling skeins of “crystal yarn”—yarn that has tiny Swarovski crystals sewn into it. I also have a handful that end in dangles of porcelain and semiprecious beads.

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