Excuses, Excuses

This time it was Return of Anemia and getting our car totaled (with us in it—no terrible injuries). I have every plan to review several books soon (currently reading Meljean Brook’s “Guardian Demon”)—hopefully putting that down in writing will make it easier for me to sit down and do it. So far, I will say that I’m finding “Guardian Demon” to be a wonderful roller-coaster of emotion, action, terror, and hot sex, so unless it chokes up by the end, which I find unlikely, I’ll be giving it an enthusiastic recommendation. Meanwhile, Christine Feehan’s “Dark Lycan” (uncorrected proof) didn’t totally wow me (too many instances of stopping to explain things in detail, where they didn’t fit the scene or disrupted the pacing), but was enjoyable and sweet, with plenty of action. Dansky’s “Vaporware” succeeded much better as an exploration of the balance of home/work life and the ups and downs of being a game designer than as the horror novel the back cover text and cover art intimated that it was, but there was definitely some fun action and dark moments to be had.

There. Hopefully that’ll hold you for a moment while I pull myself together and write something more substantial!

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