Review: “True Shot,” Joyce Lamb

Pros: Great sexual chemistry; fun characters; nice tension
Cons: Certain plot aspects and the villain are a bit florid
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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Samantha Trudeau is a psychic FBI operative capable of delving into other people’s memories with a touch. She’s done so much in the name of helping her country, only to find out that the division she’s working for has gone rogue and has terrible designs on her and some of her fellow agents. She escapes them only to find herself alone in the middle of nowhere with only the company of a journalist who’s friends with her family–and she’s been shot. Mac Hunter thought he was going on vacation, only to dive head-first into danger and conspiracy when he tries to help the wounded woman he finds inside his friends’ cabin. She’s determined to do things on her own, but she’s in no shape to leave him behind. When a drug shatters Sam’s memories, Mac has to help her put the pieces back together. Now he just has to help her survive–and escape–the attentions of her employer.


Joyce Lamb’s True Shot follows her True Vision and True Colors. Those books follow Sam’s sisters, Charlie and Alex, who are in the process of discovering some psychic abilities of their own. True Shot is a romance and suspense/thriller with some dark themes.

Certain elements of the plot (what Sam’s boss is trying to do to her) and her boss himself are a bit on the florid and overly eevil side. It’s clever, but feels over the top. I’m sorry I’m being vague, but since Lamb strings that revelation out a bit I feel I shouldn’t give it away in the review.

Sam and Mac make a nice pairing. In particular I love the way Mac gets a little too snarky when he gets scared, thus getting himself in trouble. And I love that it isn’t shown as him having unlikely composure in the face of adversity–it’s something he does to cope with being afraid. He felt like more of a point-of-view character than Sam, which is unusual; it was easier to relate to him than to Sam the super-spy.

There’s some nice action and definite suspense (particularly early on as Sam and Mac try to elude their pursuers). There’s danger and some sexually dark material. The relationship is fun, and there’s some very nice sex. Overall it’s an enjoyable book with good characters.

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