Review: “You Own Me,” Shiloh Walker

Pros: Gorgeously hot & sexy
Rating: 5 out of 5

Lizzie thinks she’s happy with Noel, but she realizes all is not well when he announces that he wants an open relationship. Lizzie, who’s a little larger than society says a beautiful woman should be, doesn’t believe anyone else would want her–until her friend Selah convinces her to take advantage of the open relationship and try online dating. Now Lizzie has dates, but the one man she really wants–her best friend Decker–is the man she can’t have. He doesn’t want her, or so she thinks. For his part, Decker is forced to watch Lizzie being hurt by a man who doesn’t love her, sure that she doesn’t want him. It’s up to Selah to throw them together, and up to Decker to make Lizzie realize she’s truly beautiful, and truly wanted.


Generally I prefer my erotic romance to be mixed with another genre–thriller, SF, or fantasy, preferably. Shiloh Walker is one of the few authors whose work is so much fun that I like her ‘straight’ erotic romance as much as her genre work. You Own Me has a couple of wonderful non-standard protagonists, in particular Lizzie, who isn’t some thin supermodel and thus is much easier to relate to as an ‘ordinary’ reader.

Ms. Walker really made me feel the chemistry between Lizzie and Decker, and yet made their inability to connect believable and understandable. I yearned to see them end up together, and found Selah to be a nice outlet for the feeling of wanting to push them together and make them see how much they loved each other.

The sex between Lizzie and Noel is uncomfortable to read, but it’s meant to be, and that’s skillfully done. It’s also thankfully brief. There’s a lot of wild emotion in the erotic sex scenes of You Own Me, a little hint of kink, and some truly raw desire. Walker’s sex scenes are some of the best I’ve read, and over the years I’ve read many. I also shed a few tears at the emotional climax, which was beautiful. This is an erotic romance, so the joy is in seeing how things come together for Lizzie and Decker, and in experiencing the highs, lows, and sexiness along with them. You Own Me is an absolutely delightful read!

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