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I have a review of the upcoming ‘in death’ Robb novel, “Festive in Death” that should go up tomorrow. I read the first two of Tanya Huff’s Blood Books, and three of her ebook anthologies. I picked up a few ebooks from the public library, which doesn’t have the greatest selection, so that accounts for “The Dollmaker”, “The Third Gate”, Konrath’s “Crime Stories”, Palmer’s “Miracle Cure”, Rollins’s “Altar of Eden”, a non-review of Crichton’s “Micro”, Child & Preston’s “Brimstone”, and in an unusual turn for our library, Ilona Andrews’s “Bayou Moon” (they only had book two of the Edge series, naturally). I was also lucky to find there a copy of Dan Ariely’s non-fiction “Predictably Irrational,” which was fascinating. Thanks to Kindle deals I picked up a four-ebook ‘boxed set’ about the zombie apocalypse called “Contamination” that got me ranting a bit. Now, finally, I’m tackling books four and five of Ilona Andrews’s Kate Daniels series.

Yes, that means I have 17 reviews currently written and am reading book 18. Any books I receive for official review get slotted into the middle whenever they’re done, and since I’ve rediscovered how much fun I have reviewing cookbooks, I’m debating doing a bit of a blast from the past reviewing cookbooks from my collection that I never got around to before now. That could be entertaining. I should also get around to reviewing our replacement toaster oven at some point now that we’ve been using it for a while.

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