Authors Behaving Badly: Hale

I’m lucky. On only a few occasions has an author gone nuclear in my direction because of my reviews, and at least they didn’t resort to stalking in order to voice their displeasure. One of the reasons I dislike taking review books directly from most authors (instead of through publishers, etc.) is because it means that if I didn’t like the book, I’ll have to directly tell the author that I didn’t like their work. As soon as I do, I have to worry about how they’ll respond. Of course it used to be that all I worried about was getting cursed out and told what a horrible person I was. Now I have to worry that an author might stalk a reviewer they disagree with, and that other members of the author/publisher community could happily be complicit in that stalking by condoning what was done. Let me tell you, that’s both sobering and scary as hell.

For a thorough round-up of links to this latest debacle, check out Librarian Next Door. If you do any reviewing, it’ll give you a chill. If you’re an author and you think this kind of stalking is not okay, then please speak up, on Twitter, on FB, anywhere. Authors and publishers need to step up and agree that this behavior from one of their own is NOT alright–too many for comfort have backed up Hale in her crusade.

Edited to add: a good, detailed opinion piece about Hale’s actions.

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