Non-Review: “The Innocent,” Harlan Coben

I do a “non-review” when I couldn’t finish a book. I won’t review it on Amazon or GoodReads, but I don’t mind telling you here why I chose not to finish. If there’s one thing I’ve found over the years, it’s that there are too many good books to spend my time finishing a book that I can’t get into.

The Innocent, by Harlan Coben, is a tale of a man who went to jail after accidentally killing someone. Now that he’s out, and happily married, things will be better, right? Except that someone’s trying to convince him that his wife is cheating on him, and several other violent events get tentatively connected to him.

I made it just over halfway through this book. Unfortunately it turned into a complete slog. The characters and events were so uninteresting that if I put the book down for longer than a few minutes, I could hardly remember what was happening when I picked it up again, or who the various characters were. I was expecting something closer to a thriller, and got a slow, boring tale instead. Not at all what I was looking for.

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