Short Take: Review of “Dead Drop” by Jesse Miles

Pros: Interesting characters and nice plot/tension
Cons: Not terribly memorable.
Rating: 3 out of 5

Review e-book provided by author.

Jack Salvo is a private investigator, and he just got brought in on an embezzlement case. His investigations contain plenty of entertaining quips and cleverness. There’s an interesting sexual relationship; the PI happens to also be a part-time philosophy professor. Toward the end there’s plenty of tension, some surprises, and a fun ending.

There’s just one problem that I can’t really get past. Jesse Miles’s Dead Drop didn’t leave much of an impression on me. I remember bits and pieces like some of the entertaining philosophical bits, the rather slick way some explanations were woven into the plot, and so on. However, every time I put the book down and then came back to it, I had to backtrack several pages to remind myself of what was happening. I’m trying to find enough to say to fill out a longer review, but all I keep coming back to is a shrug.

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