Non-Review: “Lucinda, Dangerously,” Sunny

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There are a number of unread review books that I’m now working my way through; I fell horribly behind due to some health problems. Combine that with publishers’ tendency to send books from a series regardless of whether the reviewer has read the preceding books, and you can end up a little off-kilter. Anyway, I do a “non-review” when I couldn’t finish a book. I won’t review it on Amazon or GoodReads, but I don’t mind telling you here why I chose not to finish. There are too many good books to spend my time finishing a book that I can’t get into.

Sunny’s Lucinda, Dangerously (Demon Princess) has several review and author quotes on it comparing it to Laurell K. Hamilton’s work. That seems to be a very apt comparison. The one Hamilton book I read (Flirt) had a very Mary Sue main character, which I rarely enjoy, and Lucinda displays some of those same Mary Sue tendencies.

I could have been okay with that, I think, except that it’s pared with a remarkably action-free plot. I made it to page 80 without anything to pull me in–I couldn’t identify with the main character, there was too much background I was missing, and the pacing was too slow to make up for all of that. It isn’t that it’s a ‘bad’ book–it just totally ran up against my dislikes as a reader, and I bounced.

I think there’ll be plenty of people who would enjoy the Demon Princess Chronicles. There’s a good market for Mary Sue wish-fulfillment characters, and not everyone will dislike the slow pacing. Hopefully that’s enough detail for you to get a sense of whether you would enjoy the book or not.

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