Catching up on beloved authors

I have a goodly handful of favorite writers. Sometimes after realizing how much I love an author’s work, I suddenly have trouble getting myself to read the next series or whatever they put out. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m afraid it won’t measure up. Maybe I read those original books so long ago that I’m worried I would be able to see more flaws now. Maybe I’m just not looking forward to the feeling of running out of books by that author.

Either way, I’m trying to fill in some of the deplorable gaps. For instance, Anne Bishop has been one of my favorite authors since I first read her Black Jewels trilogy. That was a long time ago, though, and I haven’t kept up with later books. I’m going to try to fix that now. I’m maybe 4/5 of the way through her The Invisible Ring, which is set in the same world as the Black Jewels Trilogy. I am absolutely glued to it, despite a couple of minor flaws. I look forward to reviewing those books, and hopefully introducing more people to her fantastic work.

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