The Stigma of Bipolar

Over at Bipolar Scorpio, there’s a post called I THINK HE’S LIKE, BIPOLAR OR SOMETHING…. It includes two tales that represent the stigma that surrounds bipolar people. In both cases, people labeled someone as “bipolar” simply because the person disturbed them. It’s a case of “that person bugs me, so I bet he’s mentally ill,” with bipolar being the go-to because people don’t understand it. Amy, the poster, mentions that she has hidden the fact that she’s bipolar for just this reason.

I’ve been extremely lucky. My mother understands. My husband understands. Most of my friends understand. This has given me the freedom to be open and honest about my illness, but most people don’t have that option. I’d like to see more representations of bipolar in the media that don’t depict us as dangerous lunatics or disturbed (or disturbing) individuals. I’d like to see more media representations of bipolar people who have stability due to proper treatment, as well as more realistic depictions of those who are struggling.

Bipolar and its treatments produce a wide spectrum of results, and I want to see that reflected in the media. It would be a nice step on the road to understanding.

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