Non-Review: “Don’t Turn Around,” Carolina Mitchell

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Expected publication date: April 24, 2015


For Don’t Turn Around (Detective Jennifer Knight Crime Thriller Series Book 1), by Carolina Mitchell, I only made it through 20% of the ebook before I had to put it aside for something else. There’s a knifing case in which the perpetrator is acting very oddly. There’s a weird bit of history following Frank, a young man whose childhood is rather messed up, but his apparent age (by behavior, anyway) didn’t seem consistent with how old he was supposed to be, or didn’t seem consistent within one section.

I didn’t particularly like Jennifer, the main character, and she and her partner are two of the least annoying characters in here. Sometimes unlikable protagonists are okay, but I actively didn’t care to read about Jennifer.

Where it went off the rails, though, was when the reader was suddenly expected to believe that Jennifer hears voices, and then that some people on the police force KNOW she hears voices (and believe it to be a mental illness). And yet they’re still allowing her to work as a detective. WHAT?! This completely ruined the suspension of disbelief. That’s when I put down the book and didn’t pick it back up.

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