Non-Review: “Eon Blue Apocalypse,” Jack Avarus

Every once in a while I grab up some ebook I hear about that’s temporarily free on Amazon, just to see what it’s like; you never know when you’ll stumble across a really good new author, even if the odds aren’t great. In this case, I’m glad I didn’t spend money. Eon Blue Apocalypse (Janek Drake Book 1), by Jack Avarus, needs a few more rounds from the editors (not just a copyeditor, either). If you’re the kind of reader who twitches every time you see an its/it’s misuse (or any number of other grammatical issues) then I doubt you’ll want to read this book.

The PoV is primarily third person but slips oddly in second person at the weirdest moments–usually when the author is describing something for the reader. This leads to the fact that it’s awfully obvious when the author stops to describe things for the reader. All of the explanations are very bald-faced.

This takes me to my next topic: the narrative. It’s very… flat. It doesn’t have any real style or voice to it. In the dialogue, statements by several people are often crammed into the same paragraph; it’s odd to find an author who doesn’t seem to have any idea how the back-and-forth of dialogue is supposed to work, and everything feels fairly well stripped of emotion. Even a gory death which should have been ample fodder for a horror tale seemed to barely make a passing dent in the narrative or in characters’ lives.

There were events that struck me as highly improbable (‘instant decompression’ of an airlock, and the guy in the airlock just stands there and tethers himself afterward), but the other problems were big enough that I didn’t think it was worth cataloging all of them as I went.


I call this a ‘non-review’ because I didn’t finish reading the book. This means I’m not going to review it on Goodreads or Amazon, but I don’t mind telling you here why I couldn’t keep going. There are so many good books in the world that I’m not going to finish one that totally fails to appeal.

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