Witcher 3 for the PC: Default Key Bindings

I have trouble remembering all the things I can do and how, so I went looking for a list of commands and controls for the PC version of Witcher 3. The only one I found was woefully incomplete. So, here you go. I just brought up the keybindings and scribbled stuff down, so any mistakes are my own fault and I’d love to hear what they are so I can make this more useful.

Witcher 3 — For the PC

These are in order as presented in the keybindings menu. I hope to clean this up soon to make it easier to read and scan through.

Sprint:   Left Shift
Toggle Sprint:   (unbound)
Toggle walk/run:   Left control
Jump:   Space
Lock on Target:   Z
Interact:   E
Modify Attack Type:   Left Shift
Fast Attack:   Left Mouse Button
Strong Attack:   (unbound)
Use Witcher Senses:   Right Mouse Button
Parry/Counterattack:   Right Mouse Button
Cast Sign:   Q
Toggle signs:   Mouse Scroll Wheel
Use Quick Access Item:   Middle Mouse Button (I mapped to 0 since I lack that middle button)
Dodge:   Alt
Roll:   Space
Call Horse:   X
Gallop/canter:   Left Shift
Dismount:   E
Stop Horse:   X
Surface:   Space
Dive:   C
Quick Access Menu:   Tab
Consumables Slot 1:   R
Consumables Slot 2:   F
Draw Steel Sword:   1
Draw Silver Sword:   2
Select Aard:   3
Select Yrden:   4
Select Igni:   5
Select Quen:   6
Select Axii:   7
Change Objective:   V
Character Panel:   K
Inventory:   I
Map:   M
Game Menu:   Enter
Quests Panel:   J
Meditation:   N
Alchemy:   L
Crafting:   O
Bestiary:   B
Glossary:   G
Gwent Deck:   H

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2 comments on “Witcher 3 for the PC: Default Key Bindings
  1. Nancy Doyle says:

    Many years later, thank you Heather! I had the signs mislabeled. Duh!
    Hope this message finds you happy, healthy, and still gaming.

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